Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sorry for the long absence!

Wow I know its been a loong time. Its no excuse, but for a while I had been distracting myself away from drawing with a few home improvement projects that I had been putting off. I tiled my kitchen, which i'm pretty proud of, thankyouverymuch! I've never really tiled before, so it was kinda rough starting, but I think it came out pretty good. Stuff like that is more in my father's realm, but I try to learn what I can from him. Every once in a while its really satisfying to just work with my hands and build something or fix something.

Then working spring break at a theme park is kind of artistically draining, so after those long hours, the last thing I want to do is draw. Also lately I've had some personal family issues come up. But I promise that I'm back and I'm starting to draw again, and it feels good. Unfortunately I don't have much to show except some pretty rough sketches. Tho all my sketches are pretty rough I guess. Some of it is working out ideas for a more finished project I've been doing just for fun that I'm almost done with. I'll post that up soon for you to see. Thanks for being patient with me (if anyone still checks this thing, that is).

Knight Rider was THE show to watch as a kid, in my opinion. Look for more of this soon!

This is supposed to be Sarah Michelle Gellar, but I think the likeness is pretty bad.

I was doing some reference searching and came across a photo of this guy and I couldn't not draw it. I also couldn't not laugh.


l e d o said...

My band and I are actually working on covering the theme song to knight rider. We must preserve the 80s.
I also like the fatso on the moped. Looks like the kind of thing I would see at the park.

Aaron said...

I think less chin on Sarah would go a long way.

Nate said...

that guy on that is great

Sam said...

YEAH aaron's totally right. this looks a lot like her otherwise.