Monday, September 29, 2008

Charger SRT-8

So a friend of mine bought this awesome car you see here and asked if I could draw a caricature of it for him. I don't know how I haven't drawn this car before. That SRT division does a pretty good job, I think. So I started working on this a while ago and ended up spending way too long on it. I probably spent more time on crappy sketches than I did on the final product. But I finally finished everything this weekend. Thats my official excuse for being late on the newest Code 11 installment. But I will have one up in a day or two, I promise.

Anyway here's what the car looks like.

Here are some of the sketches I did, trying to work out in my head what the car should look like.

I had an idea of what I wanted the final to look like.

Here I have most of the details worked out for the final. Getting to this point from that other sketch took me a while. Getting it to look like a Charger instead of a generic box on wheels was tough.

A lot of the time when drawing cars, I find a cool photo I like, and just draw from that . This one was an idea I had, so getting everything right was a bit more difficult. I googled lots of pictures and videos of drift races as reference.

Here is the final product using ink and watercolor on arches.

Ater I was done I was still thinking about one of the small sketches I had done in the beginning (you can see it above) and I wanted to see that one done too. Plus, even though the first one had the action I wanted, it wasn't showing off the rims. This one went a lot quicker for me because it was drawn more directly from a photo reference than the first one.

When my friend told me he was bringing his car to a car show this weekend and displaying my artwork with his car, I threw this together to have some postcards printed up. I would love to draw people's awesome cars all the time.


Joe Bluhm said...

Ken, it's so great to see your car art, as well as the process. I can wait a few days for (the GREAT) code 11, if this is the reason. I also like that you worked in watercolor- it's a more solid medium, and suits you. I'd love to see more like this.

Awesome job, man.

Dominic Philibert said...

Very nice drawing man!!!!!
Really good job!
Keep on doing these crazy drawings!!!!!!!!

Spencer said...

This is awesome.

William Appledorn said...

great car sketches, was totally into car caricatures for a while a year or so ago, these make me want to draw some more!

Steve said...

Fantastic Ken! You Da Man!