Friday, December 12, 2008


Here is my attempt on that terminator girl from that Terminator show. I inked it, scanned it, then colored it in Prismacolor markers, then scanned it again. I am happy with the inking job (something I've been working to improve), but I think the color marker job ruins it. I worked and worked on the likeness, but I still didn't get it at all. I still like the drawing enough to post it though.

I noticed today that big jerk Tom Richmond is trying to make me look bad by posting a better likeness of this same girl AND posting it before I posted mine. I think he's out to get me.


Joe Bluhm said...

This is really cool, though- Tom just drew her face. ;)

I like the posture and pose- great profile. You did something unique here.

As for color, I'd say it's a totally different creature after you did that. Not that it's worse or better, but it makes me wonder about what lines you needed to put down in ink, or how heavy you wish to go with color... either/or.

Great stuff, though. Can't wait to see more.

Ken Knafou said...

Yeah the markers went down a lot darker than I expected. The jeans is the only part that bothers me really.