Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cars in color

More finished versions of previous post. Doing a little experimenting with textures as well.

These two are the same except for the background. I couldn't decide which I liked better so I posted both.


l e d o said...

These look great bro! Loving the chevy. Hook up a bronco either late 60s or late 80s.

Jen Hersey said...

These are really nice! The tires on the truck are great and the background textures look so good... almost like watercolor.

By the way, someone brought in a NCN magazine to work today and we saw your Conan the Barbarian in there... it looked awesome!

Kamikaze panda said...

I didnt see a conan the barbarian! Damnit.

Looking at your art brings me the same joy as when i was a kid, in a toy store. These are great and inspire me to practice more cars!


Ken Knafou said...

So sorry that you did what, Sean?

Thanks Jen! That watercolor one is actually some watercolor strokes that are superimposed on there with some photoshop trickery. Internet is a wonderful place.

Thanks Schiani. Hope you're doing well these days! I will have to draw up some more action type off-road stuff. Old Bronco vs old 4runner or something.

Aaron said...

I LOVE them bottom cars. So juicy.